AISG Facadé

Design + AI

As a leader in the development of Singapore's AI ecosystem, Facadé is a multidisciplinary team at AISG fully dedicated to exploring the intersection between Design and Machine Learning frameworks

Our work involves doing fundamental research and working with different AI products and systems across the industry. We aim to share in-depth insights for the sole purpose of creating a human-centered approach for AI to serve human needs.

Design toolkit for AI Machine Learning Computer Vision Natural Language Processing

Our insights are organized around the 3 pillars of AI, and provide in-depth guidance across the AI product development flow.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Best practices for user experience when designing for open source tools for Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Design solutions for solving real-world problems with Computer Vision

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Case Studies

Read up on our UX learnings from real world solutions and AI products and tools built based on industry needs and feedback.

How Can I Help My Users Understand Computer Vision Output Images?

September 4, 2021

A Simple 3-Step Framework for Machine Learning Workflows

July 27, 2021

UX Design for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

July 9, 2021